Our mission is to revolutionize the tuna fishing industry through new, higher environmental and social sustainability and verification standards to catalyze market and supply chain transformation.

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Pacific Island Tuna reduces bycatch of juvenile tuna and at-risk species like sharks and turtles, improves fair labor practices, and drives sustained funding to community-based conservation projects in Pacific Island nations.

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When nature thrives, we do, too. It's that spirit that drove us to create Pacific Island Tuna with the belief that we could create new tuna fishing practices that respect the needs of nature, of the tuna we depend on, while responsibly delivering tuna to consumers.

We are cooperative of Pacific Island Nations based in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, at the center of one of the world's foremost sustainable fisheries. Tuna is both an economically and culturally important product to Pacific Island communities, and our cooperative model ensures that as Pacific Island Tuna succeeds, so will those communities. 100% of our profits go directly to community improvement, marine conservation, and climate change resilience projects.

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Learn how we add economic, social and environmental value to the planet, retailers, and consumers.

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